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One-Minute Play Festival

Every 28 Hours: A National Call to Action!



A National Call To Action For:


Every 28 Hours: An Investigation of The Events In Ferguson Missouri, and Black Lives In America



A Collaboration Between


The One-Minute Play Festival (#1MPF) &

Oregon Shakespeare Festival


Week In Residence & Community Performance in Saint Louis & Ferguson, MO:


Sunday October 18th –Sunday October 25th


National Week Of Action in October 2016:


October 26th– October 30th




What this is:


Every 28 Hours is a reference to a widely shared statistic: every 28 hours in America, a black person is killed by the police.


The One-Minute Play Festival (Dominic D’Andrea, Producing Artistic Director), and Oregon Shakespeare Festival (Claudia Alick, Producer) have teamed up to create a dynamic partnership in Every 28 Hours: a national partnership with a locally specific focus on the events of Ferguson, Mo.


 The project that will start with a gathering of artists from around the country, nominated by their respective participating theatre companies in St. Louis from Oct 18-25, engaging with the Ferguson community, citizens, activists, and organizations to have dialogue, understanding, and story telling in relationship to the events that happened last year.


We well generate a body of one-minute plays, using the specific 1MPF playmaking methodology, will cast/rehearse/perform as a rapid response to what we’ve learned, heard, and experienced on Oct 25th. The plays will be performed at a central location in St. Louis, and possibly within the Ferguson community as well (if we are granted proper access to do so.)

Starting a year later in October 2016, we will make the body of plays available for participating theatre companies who’ve sent participants, and other national partners who have opted to participate for free. The aim is to inspire our partnering theatres to hold a specific day or week of events in staging these plays from Oct 26th– October 30th 2015.


These local/national stagings could be within the walls of the theatres, out in the community, using professional actors, community members, or a combination of both. There may also be talkbacks, dialogues sessions, or consensus building exercises in relationship to these plays. It can take different forms, so long as the goal is to promote dialogue, understanding, and engagement in these important topics of race and identity.


Many of the performances of these plays will be livestreamed via our partners at HowlRound.TV









What We Are Asking For:


We are looking to recruit theatre companies from around the nation to partner with us on the ground in Saint Louis on Oct 18-25.


Specifically, we are looking for national theatre to nominate an artist or artists (preferably a playwright) from within your ranks, and send them to Saint Louis.


We aim for a company of 20-30 artists in total (with an emphasis on playwrights, though all are welcome to come and collaborate.)



How We Are Doing This:


Theatres who are willing to participate must engage in a national Indiegogo campaign.


The indiegogo page will be live in early July.


Theatres who are nominating artists will be responsible for the cost of the flight, per diem, and hotel accommodations (much like sending someone to the TCG conference.) 

We are asking that theatres participate in the fundraising platform, to help cover the cost of sending the artist, and accommodations.


1MPF & OSF are putting the final touches to secure a central hotel for the week, so all attending artists will be in one place, at one time together.


Once everyone is nominated, funded, and arrives in St. Louis, we’ll be forming a mini national theatre team/company to work together for the week!


Why We are Doing this:


-To come together as a community of artists to investigate topics which impact our lives, the climate of our community, and the future of our nation.


-To have the opportunity to cross-pollinate, collaborate, and celebrate the spirit of radical inclusion in deep and meaningful ways.


-To engage with the Saint Louis and Ferguson populations impacted by the recent events. To make the connections to our own communities. To hear/see/learn what is offered, and what this might say about who we are, our relationships to one other, to our communities, to our activism, to our work, and to our humanity.


-To create a chorus of voices, which echo even bigger ideas. To honor what has happened. To be heard, seen, felt, understood, and considered.






To Confirm Participation:


Email Dominic D’Andrea & Claudia Alick











by  Friday, July 31st , 2015 at 6:00PM EST



Subject line:


1MPF 28 Hrs, Your Company Name, YES


In the Body of the Email Include:


-Name, City, and Web address of Theatre Company


-Contact Info of Artistic Leader


-Name and Position of Nominated Artist


-Contact info for nominated artists


-Confirming attendance for the entire week of Oct 18-25


We will reply to you with further details week of July 12th, if not before.




Thank You!


We are looking forward to this massive, beautiful, important national action.

We need you!


Let’s do this!