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One-Minute Play Festival

Announcing The 2015 One-Minute Play Festival National Season

The One-Minute Play Festival #1MPF (Dominic D’Andrea, Producing Artistic Director & Founder, Caitlin Wees, Associate Producer), America’s largest and longest consistently running short form theatre festival, announces their 2014/15 National Season. (deleted pending international dates.)

“I’m still in awe that 1MPF has grown to the size and scope that it has”, says 1MPF Founder & Producing Artistic Director, Dominic D’Andrea. “We started nine years ago in a tiny theatre in Brooklyn as a fun artistic challenge for our community. Since then we’ve grown into a full company, which focuses on investigating the zeitgeist of different local communities by looking at emerging connections, themes, ideas, styles, and trends that bubble up to the surface. We perform a community mind map, through a series of 70-90 pulses of storytelling.”

D’Andrea attributes a lot of 1MPF’s growth to their unique methodology. “There’s really nothing like 1MPF. We are half play festival, half community-engaged convening. In addition to the festival itself, we offer town hall meetings, consensus, community-building, and dialogue sessions, and special events to help shape this work as a community action. This work is a chance for local participants, audiences, and stakeholders to dig into questions like: who are we? What is our relationship to each other; to our community; to our work? I think the fact that we have such a focus on local narratives is part of the reason our programming demand has exploded on a national platform.”

For each festival, 1MPF invites local writers and community members into their unique playmaking process. Writers are asked to consider the world around them, their cities, their communities and the ways in which they view the world, before writing topical moments that say something about the world as it is in the here and now. Local directors, actors, and community members are tapped to stage and shape these moments (70-90 on average) with a unique local flavor. D’Andrea travels to and leads the process, before presenting the festival to local audiences, who are eager to experience what themes and ideas come up in the work.


The 2014/15 One-Minute Play Festival Season

Previously Announced:



 Nov 22nd & 23rd: 

The 3rd Annual One-Minute Play Festival of Latina/o Voices

In Partnership with INTAR Theatre


INTAR (International Arts Relations, Inc.) is an organization committed to the development of “theater arts without borders.” Over the past four decades, INTAR has produced classics, Latino adaptations of classics, cabarets, and 70 world premiers of plays written by Latino-Americans, including 2005 Oscar nominee Jose Rivera and Pulitzer Prize recipient Nilo Cruz.




 Dec 15th & 16th: 

The 5th Annual San Francisco One-Minute Play Festival

In Partnership with Playwrights Foundation

At Brava Theatre

 2010 LOGO PLaywrights foundation In Making

Playwrights Foundation is dedicated to discovering and supporting local and national American playwrights across a broad spectrum of artistic and career positions, in the inception and development of new plays that speak to and from an increasingly diverse society.




 Jan 3rd,4th, 5th, & 6th: 

The 4th Annual Boston One-Minute Play Festival

In Partnership with Boston Playwright’s Theatre & Boston Public Works

At Boston Playwright’s Theatre


Boston Public Works Theater Company (www.bostonpublicworks.org) is a company of playwrights who, in true entrepreneurial fashion, have banded together to take control of their artistic lives and circumvent the traditional route to production by producing their own plays.


Jan 17th & 18th: 

The 3rd Annual South Florida One-Minute Play Festival

In Partnership with The Deering Estate at Cutler


To raise public awareness, outreach, understanding and the enjoyment of the Deering Estate at Cutler and to raise funds to support education, research, exhibits and collections, natural conservation and historical restoration and preservation.





Sat Jan 31st &  Sun Feb 1st

The 2nd Annual George Sand Invitational One-Minute Play Festival

In Partnership with New Georges & Women’s Project

At City Center Stage II



New works at New Georges use imaginative scope, heightened language or theatricality, design innovation and an irreverent or refracted approach to storytelling to give form to experience and amplify the world. They are created in an artist-driven, flexible production environment, which allows unusual plays to emerge with clarity and heart.


Feb 17th & 18th: 

The 1st New York City Independent Theatre One-Minute play Festival

In Partnership with New Ohio Theatre

  new Ohio print color

NEW OHIO THEATRE is a two-time OBIE Award-winning presenting venue that serves Manhattan’s most adventurous theatre audiences by developing and presenting the boldest, most innovative work of today’s vast independent theatre community.




April 12th, 13th, & 14th: 

The 2nd Annual Alaska One-Minute Play Festival

In Partnership with Perseverance Theatre

At The Anchorage Performing Arts Center


Perseverance Theatre’s mission is to create professional theatre by and for Alaskans. We value community engagement, professional rigor, and regional voice.


April 27th, 28th, & 29th: 

The 5th Annual Chicago One-Minute Play Festival

In Partnership with The Den Theatre

 The Den Logo (The Den Theatre)

Dedicated to providing a home for Chicago’s theatre artists since 2010, the Den Theatre with its bar, lounge and studios creates a safe haven where artists can relax, be inspired and create amazing theatre.




May 2nd, 3rd, & 4th: 

The 5th Annual New Jersey One-Minute Play Festival

In Partnership with Luna Stage


For over two decades, Luna Stage has produced thought-provoking theatre that gives voice to emerging American playwrights and re-examines contemporary and classic plays that speak to our times.


May 23rd, 24th, & 25th: 

The 1st Hawaii One-Minute Play Festival

In Partnership with Honolulu Theatre For Youth &


Plain Logo

Honolulu Theatre for Youth and Kumu Kahua Theatre are two Honolulu based theatre companies dedicated to the creation of new work.  Collectively they have over 100 years experience creating work that reflects the unique culture and geography of Hawai’i.  Both companies almost exclusively produce original writing and share a commitment to developing local writers and theatrical artists that reflect the multiplicity of cultures in our community.


TBA May Dates:

The First National Asian American One-Minute Play Festival

In Partnership with Second Stage Uptown & Second Generation Productions



Founded in 1997, Second Generation is a non-profit theater company dedicated to: Creating contemporary, world-class Asian American theater that reaches across cultural, generational and racial boundaries, Cultivating the next generation of Asian American dramatic arts, by identifying and nurturing a vibrant community of actors, directors and writers from the established and emerging to the early-career and pre-professional; and Connecting with new and underserved audiences, especially young Asian Americans and other groups historically underrepresented in mainstream American theater, towards the establishment of a vital and effective platform for Asian American voices to be heard on the world’s stage.

Second Stage Theatre produces an adventurous range of premieres, musicals, bold new interpretations of contemporary plays, and unique theatrical experiences from America’s most dynamic writers of the 21st century. Through the discovery of emerging talent, the commissioning of new work, and the creation of a training base for directors, Second Stage reflects the diverse city and the world we live in today and reaches an ever-growing audience through its Broadway runs, national tours and regional productions.




June 8th, 9th, & 10th: 

The 4th Annual Atlanta One-Minute Play Festival

In Partnership with Actor’s Express

0708 AE

Actor’s Express is a theatre that challenges and reflects contemporary human experiences in an inclusive environment. We seek to jumpstart individual transformations through the shared adventure of our live performances, which range from daringly provocative to audaciously hilarious.


June 21st & 22nd: 

The 3rd Annual Minneapolis One-Minute Play Festival

In Partnership with Walking Shadow Theatre Company

At The Southern Theatre



Walking Shadow believes the human soul is a disturbing and beautiful place. We create engaging and memorable experiences that promote an exchange of ideas inspired by the stories we tell.


June 28th & 29th: 

Special Topics: Gentrification in San Francisco: A Look at A City In Transition

In Partnership with Z Space

Z SPACEZ Space is a hub for artists and audiences to revel in the creation, development, and production of outstanding new work. We commission, develop, present and produce a full season of new works from a variety of disciplines including theater, dance, music, performance art, and new media. We foster opportunities around the nation for these works and we engage diverse audiences through direct interactions with the process, the projects, and the artists.




 July 10th, 11th, & 12th: 

The 1st Cincinnati One-Minute Play Festival

In Partnership With Know Theatre


Know Theatre is Cincinnati’s Alternative Theatrical Playground.  The Know focuses on unexpected voices, new works, and plays that embrace the inherent theatricality of the live experience.


July 28th & 29th 

The 2nd Annual Washington, D.C. One-Minute Play Festival

In Partnership with Round House Theatre

RHT logo block text

One of the largest and most acclaimed professional theater companies in the Washington, DC metro area, Round House Theatre is led by Producing Artistic Director Ryan Rilette. Based in Montgomery County, Maryland, Round House produces a dynamic lineup of performances each season at its 400-seat theater in downtown Bethesda.




Aug 3rd, 4th, & 5th :

The 4th Annual Philadelphia One-Minute Play Festival

In Partnership with Plays & Players


Plays & Players has provided an “Off-Off-Broadway” atmosphere to Philadelphia theater patrons for 104 seasons, producing theater that reflects its community.


Aug 8th, 9th, & 10th: 

The 2nd Annual Dallas One-Minute Play Festival

In Partnership With Kitchen Dog Theatre


It is the mission of Kitchen Dog Theater to provide a place where questions of justice, morality, and human freedom can be explored. We choose plays that challenge our moral and social consciences, and invite our audiences to be provoked, challenged, and amazed.


Aug 16th, 17th, & 18th:

The 2nd Annual Austin One-Minute Play Festival

In Partnership with ScriptWorks

At The Ground Floor Theatre

SW Logo redrawn 8-13

GFT logo

Ground Floor Theatre’s 140 seat black box is located in Austin burgeoning East Side and produces new works by and for under-presented communities.

ScriptWorks exists to support dramatic writers by providing opportunities at all stages in the writing process—from inception through production. ScriptWorks supports the whole writer, not just isolated projects, and dedicates itself to career advancement as well as artistic growth.


September-November 2014 


Every 28 Hours: Special Topics: An Investigation of The Events in The Ferguson Community & Black Lives In America

In Partnership with Oregon Shakespeare Festival


Oregon Shakespeare Festival: Inspired by Shakespeare’s work and the cultural richness of the United States, we reveal our collective humanity through illuminating interpretations of new and classic plays, deepened by the kaleidoscope of rotating repertory.